Chemistry Notes class 11 download free here

Chemistry Notes for class 11   

Chemistry notes for class 11 can be downloaded free from here.
  How important is class 11th chemistry? Should you take it seriously or not?
well the reality is 11th chemistry is the most important part of your study. if you have  not studied the topics in 11th properly you will definitely struggle with chemistry in 12th and other competitive exams.
Foundation of the chemistry starts from class 11th and if you have studied the topics very clearly in 11th , your journey to 12 and NEET JEE will be easy and a not frustrating  one.
You should study the theory part very well , understand the concepts clearly and then do some good number of revisions . Practice the questions very well . Do as much practice as you can. After completing a chapter try to solve the previous years Board papers and then NEET and JEE questions. 
Always make short notes of your chapters at the end of the chapter . This will help you doing your revisions quick. 
Make a plan and be disciplined . Follow your plan and always try to keep a smile on your face .

Chemistry notes for the class 11th can be downloaded from -FREE and you can get it here also. 

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